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Available entries per competition

CompetitionStart date/timeentry limitavailable entries
WDSF Senior III STA (Standard)2019-04-12 13:30:00124entries closed!
WDSF Senior I LAT (Latin)2019-04-12 15:00:00366
WDSF Senior II LAT (Latin)2019-04-12 15:30:004821
WDSF Senior II STA (Standard)2019-04-12 18:00:0074entries closed!
WDSF Senior III LAT (Latin)2019-04-13 09:45:0048entries closed!
WDSF Senior I LAT (Latin)2019-04-13 10:00:00408
WDSF Senior I STA (Standard)2019-04-13 10:25:0048entries closed!
WDSF Senior III STA (Standard)2019-04-13 11:45:00125entries closed!
WDSF Senior IV STA (Standard)2019-04-13 19:45:0084only 4 left!
WDSF Senior III LAT (Latin)2019-04-14 09:30:0048only 3 left!
WDSF Senior II STA (Standard)2019-04-14 09:30:0080only 4 left!
WDSF Senior I STA (Standard)2019-04-14 10:30:00446
WDSF Senior II LAT (Latin)2019-04-14 10:50:0036only 2 left!
WDSF Senior IV STA (Standard)2019-04-14 15:15:0074only 4 left!

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