On Sunday, 14th April 2019 afternoon, on the occasion of the 26th Vienna Dance Concourse again the traditional Team Competition "Dance of Colors" takes place (free participation)

All interested couples are invited regardless of their age category, in either Standard or Latin. Out of organisational reasons the starting places need to be limited to:

40 Standard and
40 Latin.

Teams are being built with a random principle and then compete against each other.


If you want to have a firm place in the Team Match you can already enter here!


If you are interested to participate later please do fill in a form at Check-In and hand it over to the Check-In. If we have too many entries, we will have to draw on Saturday evening 80 couples and announce them on our info board on Sunday. If you are on the list please be “ready to dance” 20 minutes before the planned starting time.

There will be NO numbers given! Further details of the organisation will be given at the beginning. Each couple will only dance in ONE category (either Standard or Latin) ONE dance. Dances allocation in the teams at the beginning.

See this document for all details.